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Dear LJ,

How are you? I hope you are well. Sorry. I forgot you were here. But you were, all along. I would like to promise to try not to neglect you in future, though such promises are easy to make but hard to keep, so that seems foolish. Still, it's nice to try.

I thought you might like to know that I'm back on the radio again! Yes, it is exciting. I'm contributing to Cam FM, which is what has evolved from the old Cambridge University Radio (CUR) that I was involved with in days of yore. I've decided not to tread on student toes; instead, restricting my broadcasting to the vacations.

You can listen to The Sam Holloway Show for a few weeks after each episode - or, if you're around on a Wednesday evening over the coming weeks, try it live 7-9pm!

Hope you enjoy it!

Yours belatedly,

Back on the radio

I don't know if anyone still reads this, but...

For the past couple of weeks, I've been broadcasting weekly on Cam FM: the student community radio station in Cambridge. (This is effectively a continuation of Cambridge University Radio, which I was involved with from 1997-2001.) The station likes to get us oldies involved outside of term-time, to keep up (nay, exceed) the standards of quality and professionalism. :-)

My show is currently 7-9pm each Thursday evening. You can listen live to the station in/around Cambridge on 97.2 MHz FM. (The signal gets out pretty well!) Online, you can listen live or 'listen again' any time afterwards, follow the link above.

I'll likely be on-air for the remaining Thursdays in September, after which the students come back and I'll probably disappear for a bit.

The Last DJ - episode 72

For once, I'm remembering to update the Livejournal as soon as a new Last DJ episode is available!

Head over to and enjoy the latest slice. There's fourteen tracks in this one (to make up for ep.71 which was a little too short). Music comes from Chicago, To My Boy, Roy C, Alphabeat and many more.


The Last DJ - Show 71 (backdated)

Episode 71 of the Last DJ has been available for over a month at but once again I forgot to update the LJ to tell you this. Sorry.

The Commodores, the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Camper Van Beethoven, Paraffin Jack Flash - these are just some of the people providing great music that you'll hear through the episode.

Now, a service note:
My promises to get the Last DJ more regular have rather failed. How often would you like episodes? Would you miss the podcast if it stopped entirely? Let me know your comments.

The Last DJ returns - show 70

Following extensive repairs to studio equipment, the seventieth episode of the Last DJ is now available at

On the show this time, we pay due tribute to Michael Jackson, plus there's music from Nick Lowe, Neil Sedaka, the Moody Blues, the Flirtations, and many more. There's also a new mini-feature - songs that have the same name as the group that sung them. How many can you think of? The excitement!

The sound of silence

There'll be no Last DJ or other audio productions from me for a few weeks. My mixing desk went *pop* and it'll be at least three weeks before it's fixed.

In the meantime, you can still listen to episodes 68 and 69 at the website. They get better with age, so I'm told.

Follow me (@samholloway) on Twitter for the latest.


The 68th instalment of The Last DJ is now available for your listening pleasure. Full of the joys of spring, and full of great music : the Jam, Clout, the Who, De La Soul, Monaco and many more.

P.S. This site's design has changed somewhat. If the new design isn't working for you, just let me know.

The Last DJ - 67, plus announcements

In case you hadn't noticed, episode 67 of The Last DJ has been available for a couple of weeks now. Music from lots of people, none of whom I can remember right now. Oh, yes, Mike Oldfield, the Scaffold, Teddy Thompson and several others.

While I'm here, a few announcements. The next episode of The Last DJ should have landed last week or this week, but I've been busy and I'm about to go away for a week, so look out for it right at the end of March or start of April instead.

As well as this LiveJournal, there are two other ways you can be notified when new episodes of the podcast are made available. There's a mailing list available on the main website (this is only ever used to notify of new episodes and nothing else) and there's also a direct RSS feed of the podcast itself.

And please don't forget that you are most welcome to send in your requests, suggestions, dedications and all those sorts of things to sam at lastdj dot com. Keep them coming!

The Last DJ - it's sixty-six

There's another cracking new episode of the Last DJ now available at

Music this time comes from the Isley Brothers, Sam Brown, Iggy Pop, the Stranglers and more. (Johnny Moore, to be precise.)

Those of you on Twitter may also enjoy a new side-project from the Last DJ: subscribe to our 'A Tune A Day' feed by adding Twitter user 'atuneaday'. (If you don't know what this means, please don't bug me about it!)

The Last DJ - when I'm 64

The Last DJ returns for 2009 - yes, still here, haven't forgotten about you just yet! You can find the latest show (the sixty-forth, with absence of predictable song) at

Having finished off songs-with-whistling, we're now trying songs-with-lalala/nanana, although I'm not sure how far that will run - send in your suggestions and we'll see! There's also great music from Elvis Costello, George Jones, Chairmen Of The Board, and we fulfill our cross-platform obligations with a spot of Television.